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Husband & Wife
The Henna Artist


(310)406-9805 -(310)406-9633

Mayra & Miguel 
Founder of Henna Body Art
These casual and focused artist can handle the bussiest events and is perfect for corporate fundraiser's or large events.
M&M keeps the line moving while providing lovely Henna patterns for all guest.they take about 2-5 minutes for each tattoo.
They are outgoing and fun artist, In 1999 they met each other at Santa Monica Pier while Mayra was ordering a chocolate ice cream cone.
Miguel was doing henna tattoo's.yes it was love at first side.After that yrs pass by 2001 We got Married,He involve me in the business ever since then.
We have become The Best Henna Artist in Southern California.
We are great in customizing patterns on request-traditional or tribal's.We could create a design just for you,
This is great for getting the guys involve with henna tribal arm bands,skulls,crosses,snakes,Irreverent and fun.
We are a great choice for your next party/event.
We are the most patient artist we have a lovely way with children,teens and adults.
We are the life of your party.