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Dreamcatcher Tribal

A arm band design with the help of henna paste looks always trendy.

While Arabic henna designs are usually large, floral patterns on the hands, Indian mehndi involves fine,

thin lines for lacy, floral and paisley patterns covering entire hand and also forearms.

Most traditional henna patterns are based on very simple shapes - circles, triangles and lines are the most basic.

These shapes can be combined to create a very intricate pattern and a very beautiful henna design on palm.

The various mehendi designs meant for hands include flower arches, henna web, flower net, flowery trails,

lucky lotus, leaves chains etc. While decorating an entire hand, one can start where it is most comfortable,

depending on the design. Common starting points are the line where the fingers bend bordering the palm,

the wrist, or the center of the palm. It is usually easiest to begin by covering the palm, and then doing the fingers.


Venice Beach CA